Magic Bullet

Get ready to groove, shake and surrender to the "Magic Bullet". A spectacle of soulfully played funk-rock, written to capture the highs and lows of the human experience.

The Cast

Zachary Brooks - Vocals

Leonel Nordmann - Sax

Nathan Becker - Guitar

Pauline Timmerbeil - Bass

Leander Seekings - Drums

Groove, shake and surrender to the "Magic Bullet" LIVE...

Do you believe in Magic Bullets?

Between truth and fantasy there is a blurred line. On it we do the existential dance and transcend from material to magic. The Magic Bullet rips through impressions of love and heartache and takes listeners on an intimate reflective journey. It presents a number of original songs, which were born from lived experiences of chaos and catharsis. Stories told through the language of funk, blues and soul.


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